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Using SQUISH SQUASH SQUISHED in the home and classroom


SQUISH SQUASH SQUISHED is a fun and funny read-aloud with lots of animal sounds and laugh-out loud pictures. Children love to act it out by squishing themselves and their stuffed animal friends into crates or boxes. You can also make a tissue box car together and see how many toys you can squish squash squish in there. Take a look at the activities listed under Educators for more ideas.

Here’s a video for the tissue box car activity:


SQUISH SQUASH SQUISHED is full of elements that can be useful in a library or classroom. For instance, you can use it for examples of figurative language, poetic elements, and compare/contrast it with books such as IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE and TOO MUCH NOISE.

Children can also make their own choices of books to compare/contrast with SQUISH SQUASH SQUISHED. In addition to books, children can compare/contrast the animals from the story.

Using the illustrations as prompts, children could write their own stories. How did the bicycle get broken? Do the ducks often go to the pond? Who is the best swimmer? What activities are the cows involved in?

Use SQUISH SQUASH SQUISHED to talk about sequencing or chronological order. Children could draw a picture of one of the characters, then line up in the order that their character appeared in the book.

This article by Jane Moore has more ideas for using picture books in the classroom.

Here is a 2 minute video I made for a school librarian’s conference. It introduces SQUISH SQUASH SQUISHED and tells how it can be used in school libraries and classrooms.

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